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Does your doctor or healthcare professional offer online video consultations?

MyClinic is a tool for healthcare professionals to connect with their patients in a safe, easy and efficient manner. The platform is free for patients to use. This convenience has encouraged social distancing between patients and healthcare professionals during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Step 1

Your health professional will send you a message via text or email to join them for a video call. Click on the link to start your journey!

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Step 2

Confirm your details and upload any additional files if you need to, then check in to the virtual waiting room. 

Step 3

Start talking to your doctor by enabling your Video and Audio on your phone, tablet or computer. 

It is so easy, your grandma can do it.

MyClinic is used in 72 countries around the world


No, just follow the link your clinic provided you with and you will be able to check in to the virtual waiting room.  You would have received this as a text message, email or verbal instructions on which code to input here.

MyClinic adheres to the highest level of security which fully complies with HIPAA and GDPR regulations. Furthermore, we have completed our Cybersecurity Essentials, Data Security and Protection Toolkit and are processing our DCB0129 (clinical risk management).

Yes!  We strongly believe that having access to healthcare should be for free and can do our part by providing the technology to facilitate this.  We provide a basic FREE service to your health provider who can choose if they wish to upgrade to the commercial subscription.

Music to our ears!  MyClinic was built and rolled out in 3 weeks to help address the urgent global need for a telemedicine solution with the COVID-19 pandemic.  Every feature added on since then has been a result of feedback from users and we are keen to keep adding more.

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